Quit India-II Nationwide Campaign

  15 October,2011

Gorakhpur: A national movement named Quit India–II is making a campaign all over India has reached Gorakhpur city and is campaigning in the educational institutes of the city from October 12-20, 2011. Swami Sachidananda Bharathi, the founder of Dharma Bharathi Mission and National Regeneration Movement is leading this campaign along with Father Anand Mathew of the Indian Missionary Society. 

Through the medium of street plays and social awakening songs performed by the artistes of Prerana Kala Manch, the theatre troupe from Varanasi, the ideology of Quit India II is spread among schools and colleges students. Swami Sachidanand Bharathi, (formerly wing commander N.V. John and a trainer of pilots in the India Air Force) addressed the students of several schools in the city during which he appealed to the youth to come forward to uproot greed, pride and selfishness from their minds and to work unitedly for the eradication of hunger, caste and corruption from India by joining Quit India – II. 

He shared with the students his dream of forming youth parliaments in 100 parliamentary constituencies all over the country before the next general elections. These youth parliaments will decide on the right type of candidates for the election to the national parliament, and will encourage more and more youth to take part in politics for a corruption-free legislative system. He also appealed to the youth to come forward to support social movements such as the anti-corruption movement of the India Against Corruption and the Second Freedom Struggle of Ekta Parishad. 

Ekta Parishad, which is spearheaded by Gandhian P.V. Rajgopal is carrying out a year-long tour of the country in the name of Jan Satyagrah Samwad Yatra (People’s Dialogue Journery in Search of Truth). This yatra began on 2 October 2011 from Kanyakumari, with the primary aim of fighting for the land rights of the farmers, tribals and the marginalized people. After having toured the entire country, the Jan Samvad Yatra will begin in a long padayatra (walk) from Oct. 2, 2012 along with one lakh people from Gwalior and will culminate in Delhi demanding the land rights of the poor.

The artistes performed street plays depicting bribery and other forms of corruption in the various government departments. The entertaining plays spiced with folk songs, dances and powerful dialogues dealt with various issues such as unemployment and displacement of farmers occurring due to special economic zones and other unjust policies for acquiring agricultural land.  Father Anand IMS, the Director of Prerna Kala Manch, helped the students in Gorakhpur city to analyze the social problems prevalent in the country and the need for the youth not to become victims of consumerism, market values which lead to greed, selfishness and pride. 

Speaking on the need of a second freedom struggle, he said that Mahatma Gandhi, three days before his martyrdom, had written that India has only achieved political freedom. Economic, social and social freedom is yet to be achieved. These words of Gandhi are more relevant today after 64 years of independence, as major population of the country is in economic slavery and social discrimination based on caste, creed and gender is practised in most parts of the country. Corruption in the administrative system proves that we are not morally free, but victims of greed, pride and selfishness. Fr. Anand spoke on the need to free the country from the clutches of hunger, corruption and caste which are called “kala angrez” and which are also products of greed, pride and selfishness.

The artistes of the Prerna Kala Manch, the theatrical wing of Vishwa Jyoti Communications has performed more than 6400 shows of their 43 street plays and 27 stage plays all over North India since 1993. The artistes have also broken the Guinness world record by performing marathon shows of their 37 plays for world peace and harmony uninterrupted for 34 hours in November 2009. 

Swami Sachidanand toured the entire country under a special campaign titled Desh Vandana 2007, starting on 30 January 2007 from Gandhi Samadhi, Rajghat, Delhi. On Jan. 30, 2008, the concluding day of Desh Vandana, during a prayer meeting held at Gandhi Mandapam, Kanyakumari, he launched the second freedom struggle. Dharma Bharathi Mission is a socio-spiritual campaign to empower and motivate college and school students to become active partners in the mission of building a hunger-free, caste-free and corruption-free India. Swamiji told the students of Gorakhpur city that to become partners of this movement they have to begin with self,  begin small and begin today. The students made a pledge to follow five self-commitments, which included not wasting food and to skip meal once a week so as to feed a hungry child in their neighbourhood. They also made a commitment not to give bribe and not to take bribe. They would also, after purchasing any good, demand bills from the shop keepers, so as to put a stop to corruption.  

The artistes of Prerna kala Manch will continue their campaign in various parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other parts of North India. Swami Sachidanand too is touring various parts of India for the cause of hunger-free, caste-free and corruption-free India. The Quit India-II of the Dharma Bharati Mission has its headquarters at Nagpur, Maharashtra. 

- Fr. Anand Mathew IMS, Vishwa Jyoti Communications, Varanasi