North region workshop on migrants and issues of Human trafficking

North region workshop on migrants and human trafficking called for collective action of the different dioceses and congregation in Delhi to address the menace of distress migration to the capital city of India, Delhi. Archbishop Kuriakiakose Bharanikulangra inaugurated the one day workshop endorsed the commitment of the Church to work tirelessly for the most vulnerable community like Domestic workers, migrants workers, constructions? etc. He referred Dorothy day of American? Christian Labour Movements and her fight for the right of the labourer for being united with human family. He recalled Pope Francis' remembrance of Dorothy Day in his visit united states of America last year. The workshop analysed the functioning of the construction welfare board in Delhi and resolved to take concrete efforts to our workers in the welfare board of the government. The minimum wages of the workers was another concern discussed at length throughout the workshop and decided to alert all concerned to?take seriously the Minimum wages of the workers within the Church as well. Fr. Paul Moojely the assistant director Caritas India, Mr. Bhatnagar, Centre for Dec, Msgr. Jose Edassery, Fr. Jaison Vadassery, secretary CBCI office for Labour, Dr. Rani programme manager, chetanalya team spoke on varied aspects of Human trafficking issues of migrants woworker to the city of Delhi.