Kerala Catholic Bishop's Council writes a Letter to the National Minority Commission of India
Sri. George Kurian,
The Member Secretary National Minority Commission of India.
May we  bring  to your kind notice a media report regarding the submission of a recommendation by the Chairperson of the Central Women’s Commission to the Home Ministry of India to ban the Sacrament of Confession in the Indian Church.
We strongly feel the recommendation unwarranted and intended to tarnish the credibility of the Church. It is unfortunate that people in responsible positions make such statements of the Government make such move which deeply wound the religious sentiments of the Christian  Minority Community.
The Catholic Church, like the Oriental Orthodox Churches across the world, has a two thousand year old history of sanctity and integrity in keeping the seal of confession even at the cost of lives and reputation of priests.
We are aware that an allegation has come up about certain priests who have entered into immoral relationship with a married woman belonging to the Orthodox Church and a complaint was filed by the husband of the victim. The allegation is being investigated. Similarly a bishop of the Catholic hierarchy and a religious sister under his canonical jurisdiction have filed separate police complaints which are also in the process of investigation.  We welcome just and impartial enquiry in all the three complaints, the truth being brought out and justice implemented.  But a recommendation by the chair person of the women’s commission to ban the Christian practice of confession is beyond her fort folio and unconstitutional.
Kindly look into the issue and bring our concern before the appropriate authorities and do the needful to alleviate our grievances.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Abp. M. Soosa Pakiam President, KCBC