NBCLC (National Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Centre)
Most Rev. Thomas Dabre
Bishop of Poona
Add : Bishop's House, 1-B, Prince of Wales Drive, Pune - 411 001 (Maharashtra)
Tel (O) : 020-26360065, 26361318
Tel. (P): 020-26361001
Fax (O) : 26343510
Mobile: (0)9923324220
E-mail : punedioc@vsnl.com
Fr. Sagaya John
Add : Post Bag 8426, Hutchins Road, 2nd Cross, Bangalore - 560 084. (Karnataka)
Tel (O) : (080)-25472369
Tel (P) : (080)-25466716
Fax (O) : 080-25460194
E-mail(Office) : dirnbclc@yahoo.com
E-mail (P): sagayajohnj@gmail.com
Website : www.nbclc.org.in

N.B.C.L.C. is an all India institution set up in Bangalore to promote and co-ordinate the renewal of Christian life in the Church according to the principles outlined by Vatican II council.

In October 1966, C.B.C.I. instituted the Commissions for Catechetics and Liturgy and decided to start the Centre to organize and animate liturgical and catechetical renewal in India. In 1971 the Centre's area of service and research was broadened and became known as the National Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Centre.