Rt. Rev. Alex Vadakumthala
Bishop of Kannur
Address: Bishop's House, Chovva, Kannur - 670 006 (Kerala)
Tel (Office): 0497-2729977, 2729988
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FAX: 0497-2729955
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Rt. Rev. Jose Chittooparambil, CMI,
Bishop of Rajkot
Address: Bishop's House, P. B. No. 1501, Kalawad Road, Rajkot - 360 005 (Gujarat)
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Most Rev. Alangaram Arokia Sebastin Durairaj, SVD
Archbishop of Bhopal
Address: Archbishop's House 33, Ahmedabad Palace Road, Bhopal - 462 001 (Madhva Pradesh)
Tel (O): 0755-4930424
Mobile (O): (0)9425609199
Mobile (P): (0)9425927772
Fr. George Thomas Nirappukalayil
Address: CBCI Centre, 1, Ashok Place, Near Gole Dakkhana,New Delhi - 110 001
Tel. (Office): 011-23344470
Mobile: (0)9447615196, (0)9497556355
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The CBCI Commission for Labour was set up in 1971 in response to the recommendation of the National Seminar “Church in India Today (1969) and the deliberation of the Roman Synod (1971)”Justice in the World ‘’. Initially the CBCI Commission for Labour was functioning from Chennai and later it was shifted to CBCI Centre New Delhi. It is the official organ of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India to work for the empowerment of the working class in the country. The Office envisages the involvement of the Church and people’s organizations at the grassroot level in dealing with the problems/issues of labourers, particularly in the unorganized sector.

The Office consists of three bishops and secretary. Twelve elected representatives of priests/nuns/lay leaders from its affiliated national and regional movements support its activities as governing body under the banner of a registered body named Workers’ Indian Federation (WIF). WIF has initiated Workers’ Social Security Scheme named

“Mazdoor Suraksha Yojana”(MSY) and Online Employment Exchange. The Office is based in New Delhi and operates across the country through various CBCI affiliated labour movements, trade unions, facilitation centers, and network groups. Workers’ India Federation (WIF) is the legal body of CBCI Office for Labour.


To promote the dignity of all persons and the dignity of labour in the spirit of the Gospel and according to the teachings of Christ.


To educate the workers and leaders on labour laws, rights, duties
To uphold and promote the dignity of human labour and rights of the working classes
To strive for ensuring for the working class just wages and other remunerations

To ensure the welfare of the workers as per the teachings of the Gospel and the Church. To give liaison with labour movements, institutions and initiatives recognized by Labour Commission.


To function as the inspirational body of the Catholic Church in India with regard to all mattes related to the workers and the working class.


The holding of hands of a man and woman symbolizes the solidarity and unity of all people engaged in work. The emblem depicts sacrifice which leads to success and peace. It is accompanied by the WIF Slogan in English and Hindi: “Secure Worker, Strong Nation”; “Surakshit Mazdoor,Majhboot Rashtra.”


  • To teach, guide, animate and motivate workers, leaders and employers as per the teachings and values of the Church
  • To foster and promote solidarity with the workers, especially the poorer section of society,
  • To serve as a source of inspiration and to address pastoral concerns and needs of the workers
  • To equip all sections of workers to ensure their active participation in the local Church
  • To foster greater understanding of their responsibilities towards their families, their rights and obligations as citizens and as workers in the society and above all as children of God.
  • To be a source of inspiration and guidance to ensure that justice becomes a reality for the people employed within the Church and its institutions.