CBCI Office for Laity

Most Rev. Mar Mathew Arackal
Bishop of Kanjirapally
Add : Bishop’s House, P.B. No. 22,
Kottayam Dt. (Kerala)
Tel. (Office) : 04828-202665,202906
Tel. (P) : 04828-206040
Fax: 04828-206022
Mobile: (0)9847088200
E-mail (Office): kplyeparchy@gmail.com
E-mail (P): bishoparakal@hotmail.com
Most Rev. Joshua Mar Ignathios
Bishop of Mavelikara
Amalagiri Catholic Bishop’s House,
Punnamoodu, Mavelikara P.O.-690101
Alappuzha Dist. (Kerala)
Tel. (Office): 0479-2344081
Tel. (P): 0479-2344082
Fax: 0479-2344083
Mobile: (0) 9447141642
E-mail: marignathios@yahoo.co.in

Most. Rev. Gerald John Mathias
Bishop of Lucknow
Add : Bishop's House., P. B. No. 70, Lucknow-226001(Uttar Pradesh)
Tel (O) : 0522-2625472,2615644
Tel(P) : 0522-2624885
Mobile: (0)9415419141
E-mail (Office): cbisluck@hotmail.com
E-mail (P): gjmathias@rediffmail.com
Fr Vincent Chinnadurai
Add : Archbishop’s House,41,Santhome High Road, Chennai-600004(Tamilnadu)
Tel (M) : 09444028305
E-mail : chinnaduraivincent@gmail.com

The mission of the CBCI Office for Laity is to assist the bishops in their task of animating the laity to realize their vocation and fulfill their mission in the church and in the world:
By promoting awareness among the laity, consecrated men and women, clergy and bishops about the dignity and equality of all as the "People of God".
By empowering the laity to deeper Christian commitment by energizing the spirit of evangelization in the laity.

The objectives of the Office are:
  • To facilitate the growth of Small Faith Communities where the laity can be involved and enriched
  • To encourage involvement /witness of life of the laity in social, political and cultural areas of endeavor.
  • To foster networking among associations, movements and communities of faith for their effective presence in the parishes, dioceses, regions and at the national level.
The Process and Method
The Office :
  • Uses the Small Christian Community as a basis to increase the participation of the laity and to develop leadership among the laity.
  • Designs, develops and conducts formation programmes with the laity and for the laity.
  • Consults with bishops, clergy and laity on the empowerment of the laity and organize formation programmes especially on small faith communities, lay ministries, pastoral councils, laity commissions and laity councils.
  • Identifies lay leaders both women and men in diverse fields of involvement for a Christian witness.

The main strategy is to render assistance in establishing, animating, inspiring and motivating effective structures at the regional level, so that the priorities of the Office can be seriously adopted and effectively implemented in the diocese and regions.

The Office has been helping and is willing to help in organizing regional consultations to motivate the formation of such regional / diocesan teams as well as in conducting seminars and training programmes for the members of these regional / diocesan teams.